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Improve your performance with business connectivity solutions

Discover how better connectivity can enable better business

All businesses are digital businesses now. Whether you sell physical products or online services, you rely on digital technology to run your company and meet the needs of customers.

Businesses are increasingly accessing their critical applications from, and storing their data in the Cloud. Doing so allows businesses to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and pioneer new products or ways of working that give them an edge over competitors.

Having the right connectivity solution that suits the needs of your business is crucial for your overall performance.

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How can I find the right business connectivity solution?

To ensure you choose the right data services for your business, it’s important to consider the types of cloud applications you use, or plan to use.

For example, are you planning to have capabilities such as voice delivered over the internet? Poor quality connectivity used for VoIP can result in low call quality or even call loss. When a customer is contacting your business, this could be the difference between a profitable sale and harmful lost revenue.

Businesses should look for a provider that meets their needs by offering a range of cloud-based connectivity services:

Business broadband:

  • Business-only network is used so that business traffic doesn’t have to compete with consumer traffic
  • The network is built so that it is geographically resilient and businesses with multiple sites can be accommodated
  • It should provide sufficient bandwidth to support the size of the business and cloud services / applications used (i.e. Azure, Microsoft Office 365, G-Suite)


  • Can deliver highly reliable, fast and secure connectivity with the flexibility to scale
  • Dedicated and un-contended Ethernet services are suitable for cloud connectivity
  • Can be used to consolidate voice and data into one connection

Voice networks:

  • Connectivity is designed to deliver quality voice and data traffic, or the ability to prioritise certain types of traffic (i.e. voice) for optimal performance
  • High-performance network that delivers fast throughput (as opposed to headline speed) and minimised delay
  • Customers can benefit from a single point of contact for data and IP voice networks, leading to reduced administration burden For all types of connectivity, businesses should look for providers who can also deliver:
  • A choice of suitable data access services that can match their needs now and in the future (e.g. budget, number of office sites)
  • Best-in-class resiliency/backup measures, stringent SLAs and robust security
    24/7 customer support in the event of an issue

Prepare your business for the ISDN Switch Off

BT plans to phase out the existing ISDN and PSTN networks by 2025. This will affect millions of businesses throughout the UK, which must migrate to IP networks (SIP) within the next seven years. Make sure your business is ready.

PSG Networks can offer the following options for your business broadband:


  • Up to 24Mb Download
  • Up to 2.5Mb Upload
  • Unlimited Data


  • Up to 80Mb Download
  • Up to 20Mb Upload
  • Unlimited Data


  • Superfast fibre broadband without the need to order a PSTN line
  • If FTTC is available, so is SoGEA! The same connectivity as FTTC service, but without the Openreach line
  • Cheaper and future proof against the 2025 switch off!


  • Up to 350Mb Download
  • Up to 50Mb Upload
  • Unlimited Data*


  • Up to 330Mb Download
  • Up to 30Mb Upload
  • Unlimited Data


  • Cost-effective access
  • Symmetrical speeds up to 35Mbps
  • Fast installation
  • Very resilient, ensuring business continuity
  • Guarantees fix time within 7 hours


  • Cost-effective access
  • Symmetrical speeds up to 35Mbps
  • Fast installation
  • Very resilient, ensuring business continuity
  • Guarantees fix time within 7 hours


  • 24/7/365 monitoring
  • Real-time bandwidth reporting
  • Remote fix for faster fault resolution
  • Fully managed hardware
  • Auto-failover to ensure business continuity
  • Ask us about the £2,500 Government grant for Ethernet Leased Lines available subject to eligibility

Understand your business connectivity needs

PSG Networks can help you understand your business connectivity requirements and find a solution that meets your needs. We have a variety of resources to help you understand the different types of connectivity available to your business, the ways of working they can support, and the specific solution sets that can make it happen.

Better connectivity means better business

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