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Cable Care | Network Managed Services

What are Networked Managed Services?

A properly designed and installed structured cabling system is essential to keep your business up and running. PSG Networks provide network managed services and cabling infrastructure that delivers performance you can rely on, as well as the flexibility to accommodate future moves, new offices and staff changes.

We provide computer networking solutions including consultancy, installation, maintenance and support services to meet the unique demands of your business.

The backbone of your business

In today's technology-driven workplace, your network needs to be reliable, versatile and future proof, however cabling is often given low priority. We recommend investing in your network infrastructure in order to:

  • Avoid costly downtime. The average network crashes 12 times a year, and 70% of the time this is due to inferior cabling systems or their installation.
  • Be more responsive. Additions, moves and changes are inevitable as your business grows, but they can cause serious work-flow disruptions. A structured cabling system enables your business to stay flexible and agile.
  • Reduce costs. The average cost of a move in an unstructured cabling environment is £300 per person. Cable Care helps you to avoid sudden unexpected costs.
  • Prepare for the future. Establish a network infrastructure that prepares your business for future growth and change.

Q.  When does a small cabling fault become a major issue?

A.  When you don’t have someone to fix it quick enough

Most organisations will have some degree of support on their IT hardware, but not many have adequate cover on their cabling systems.

All cabling systems, no matter how well installed, can experience problems from time to time. Cables get cut or damaged or become faulty.

To get these faults identified and resolved can involve a lengthy process involving survey, quotation and approval. All this can cost your business financially and result in downtime and loss of productivity.

Cable Care from PSG Networks provides the solution to costly network outages and gives you the reassurance that if things do go wrong, there is someone you can call.

Our Cable Care Solutions

Ready for Service

Are you moving office, setting up a new location, or simply scaling up your business?

You want a best price guarantee and expert advice. We can organise and install your managed network services, business energy and IT infrastructure to get you up and running with minimal time and fuss.

Smart Hands

Smart Hands helps keep your business running as usual. Staff additions, moves and changes to the infrastructure can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively, allowing for better use of IT funds and company time.

Smart Hands can include preventative maintenance, audit & cabinet tidy.

Rescue Me

It’s not always possible to prevent things from going wrong, and cabling can become damaged or faulty.

Our engineers are on hand to provide replacements and repairs with the minimum of disruption.

Let us take care of your Cabling & Networking requirements

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