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Secure and Protect Your Business Data and Devices

Discover Samsung One with Knox business mobile handsets

As many businesses have transitioned to remote working, office staff have become empowered to use their own mobile devices for business communications. This flexibility has enabled many businesses to continue operating without disruption, but could have serious implications for data protection and security. With around a third of UK businesses suffering a breach or attack in the last year, organisations need to do more to protect their data.

Enter Samsung One with Knox: a range of enterprise-level mobile solutions with security built into the hardware. It offers multi-layered, military-grade defence, where all data is securely encrypted by default using a government-certified encryption module, and personal data can be completely isolated within a device. It’s even designed to block any attempts at tampering, from boot-up, runtime, and when powered off.

A Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 mobile device from the front and back
The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3

Next-level security with simple management and minimal expense

Mobile device management solutions can help to ensure consistency and control across your entire mobile fleet. You can guarantee that all software, from the operating system to applications, are kept up to date, without any user involvement. This will drastically reduce the risks your business faces.

You can also ensure that security settings remain consistent and untampered across your workforce, while monitoring and, if necessary, limiting user access and behaviour, for instance by blacklisting apps or websites.

Samsung Knox’s Configure and Manage modules provide you with these abilities and more. You’ll gain simple yet comprehensive control of your mobile fleet, so you can track, adjust and update your security policies on the fly.

Key Features and Benefits

Greater control: Protecting your business from threats is easier, as you get greater control over software and security updates.

Increased reliability: Ensuring device availability over a longer period of time, with 3 years enhanced support. 

Improved simplicity: Allowing you to configure, update, test and deploy mobile technology across your organisation easily and remotely, making it simpler to manage your mobile strategy.

More value: An integrated suite of mobile technology and services that are conveniently packaged together to give you more value from your mobile investment.

Ruggedized mobile devices to suit the toughest working environments

In tougher working environments, a standard consumer phone or tablet just won’t survive drops, spills, dust and dirt. Whether your employees operate on a construction site or the shop floor, there’s one thing businesses need regardless of their environment: reliability.

That’s why a new generation of rugged devices from Samsung are merging the functionality, power and price you’ve come to expect from consumer devices with the durability and security you need from rugged handsets.

A Samsung Galaxy XCover 4s rugged mobile device being used outside in a logistics yard
The Samsung Galaxy XCover 4s rugged mobile device

Key Benefits of Ruggedized Business Mobiles

Combine the functionality, power and price of consumer devices with the durability and security of rugged handsets

Ensure your employees aren’t let down by their tools when it matters most, with devices that can withstand tough working environments.

Thanks to built-in, defence-grade security, business owners and staff can be confident that their data is safe. Police, military and security services across the world rely on Samsung Knox.

Rugged devices are built to an international standard rating of IP6810 and the highest military standard for survivability and endurance, MIL-STD-810G.11 That means they can withstand anything you throw at them, from drops and shocks to dust and dirt, and even submersion up to 1.5m for up to 30 minutes.

Rugged devices are constructed with longevity in mind. Their superior battery life and interchangeable batteries mean workers can continue uninterrupted in the field.

Designed to respond to both gloved and wet touch, your workers can keep going without interruption. Meanwhile, high resolution screens ensure all information is clear and users can enjoy an optimal viewing experience regardless of the situation.

Thanks to their longer life and replaceable batteries, rugged devices can be considerably more cost effective in the long run.

Devices like the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro offer the sleekness and ease-of-use that you’ve come to expect from their consumer alternatives, without sacrificing their standards.

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